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Welcome and introduction

Florian Lordick

Welcome and introduction - Florian Lordick

This symposium focuses on gastric cancer and colorectal cancer in the advanced stages and looks at clinical trial data, multi-disciplinary management, biomarkers and future challenges and perspectives. Specific topics include the management of advanced/metastatic gastric and GEJ cancers, the latest developments in metastatic colorectal cancer and the future goals in advanced GI cancer management, particularly biomarkers and molecular-stratified treatments.

In addition to the presentations by the guest speakers, it is an interactive session where attendees vote on multiple-choice questions using tablets as the symposium progresses. To begin the symposium, attendees are asked to vote on knowledge questions on the latest ESMO guidelines as they relate to preferred treatment strategies in a patient with advanced GI cancer, they are quizzed on RAS mutation frequency in left- and right- sided colon cancers, and are asked to select the incorrect treatment for 2nd-line metastatic gastric cancer and metastatic colorectal cancer.

This symposium aims to: arm clinicians with information based on Level 1 evidence for selecting treatment regimens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd line GI cancers; give the latest data on biomarker selection for predictive and prognostic use in the clinic; and highlight promising ongoing clinical trials with newer agents.