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The Second Japan-Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences - JATUSPAB-2”

Prof. Dr. Nazım Şekeroğlu

The First Japan-Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences was organized by Kumamoto University, Kumamoto – Japan on October 2-3, 2016. This scientific organization was the first meeting of Turkish and Japanese scientists on our international collaboration and projects. In this meeting, more than twenty scientific works were presented orally or as posters. Participants of the first meeting were from Turkey, Japan, Nepal, China, Egypt, Iraq and Sudan.  

After this successful meeting, organizing committee members from both sides, Turkish and Japanese scientists, decided to continue this valuable and fruitful scientific collaboration. Thus, “The Second Japan-Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, JATUSPAB-2” have been decided to be organized in Trabzon, Turkey during September 11-12, 2017.

Although the title of the symposium covers Japan and Turkey, all scientists worldwide from all disciplines especially studying “Pharmaceutical and Biomedical”  are kindly invited to participate this valuable scientific meeting with unique social activities in Trabzon province of Turkey, where the green and blue meet.


  • Agricultural Practices of MAPs
  • AIDS/HIV Research
  • Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
  • Aromatherapy & Phytoteraphy & Phytochemistry
  • Biology & Biochemistry & Biotechnology
  • Biodiversity
  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics
  • Botany & Ethnobotany & Ethnopharmacology
  • Conservation, Management and Sustainable Uses of MAPs & NWFPs
  • Design and Discovery of Novel Biologically Active Compounds
  • Drug Delivery System
  • Essential Oils & Secondary Plant Metabolites
  • Herbal & Traditional Medicines
  • Industrial Processing Technologies of MAPs
  • Legislations on MAPs & NWFPs
  • Literature on MAPS
  • Marketing of MAPs and Products
  • Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry  
  • Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
  • Molecular Modeling and Simulations
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organizations (NGO & NPO) on MAP
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Retroviruses
  • Standardization and Quality of MAP Products
  • Traditional & Modern Herbal Products
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Phytopharmacology & Toxicology
  • Structural Biology 
Sep 2017
Sep 2017

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Trabzon Hilton Garden Inn Hotel,