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Disrupting Cancer: The Role of Personalized Nutrition

American College of Nutrition

Explore the shifting landscape of cancer care at the ACN’s 58th annual conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

The science is clear: nutrition is the single most important determinant of health and a strong influencer of cancer expression. Emerging research indicates that cancer is not simply a binary hereditary disease, but a complex chronic condition occurring along a spectrum of immune and metabolic function with many factors impacting risk, onset and severity. The personalized nutrition paradigm is poised to disrupt both the narrative of cancer and the methodologies we employ in its treatment and prevention.

Learn from innovative thought leaders, researchers and clinicians at the nexus of cancer and nutrition. Discover how nutrition intersects with current research in systems biology, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, and the microbiome to impact the trajectory of cancer. 

Nov 2017
Nov 2017

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400 Courthouse Square
Alexandria, 22314
United States

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The Westin Alexandria