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  • Sep 2017

    Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development

    This course will provide the latest, state-of-the-art information on the diagnosis and management of common disorders such as esophageal strictures, complications of bariatric surgery, functional GI disorders, colon cancer screening, IBD, fatty liver, Hepatitis B and C, dermatologic manifestation of various GI conditions. In addition, advances in liver transplantation and endoscopic innovations will be presented.    The intended audience includes gastroenterologists, hepatologists, primary care physicians, nurses and advanced healthcare practitioners.

    Course format will offer didactic lectures, panel discussions and interactive Q & A. Active audience participation is strongly encouraged.

    NEW THIS YEAR! Join us for an optional tour of the Proton Beam therapy facility

    Phoenix, United States
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017

    European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN)

    By collaborating with EAU and ERUS we are able to provide an educational platform based on best practice with a high standard in urological care. The meeting will offer theoretical in-depth knowledge and optional hands-on training (HOTs) for nurses working in robot-assisted urology surgery.

    The first day will be completely dedicated to the operating room nurse / assistant role in theory and practice and includes state-of-the art lectures on safe positioning, avoiding complications, radical prostatectomy, kidney and bladder cancer, amongst others. Team training, trouble shooting, ethics  and educational video presentations are some of the other important topics that will be discussed with the audience by highly skilled and experienced speakers.

    On day 2 and 3 the nurse delegates will attend the lectures and live surgery sessions of the regular ERUS programme.

    Hands-on training Courses: 
    Also on Day 2 several HOT courses for nurses will be organised. For the full programme of these optional HOTs please visit the separate webpages.
    HOT 1 will be held at the OLV Robotic Training in Surgery Centre (ORSI), and is meant for experienced nurses and RNFAs.
    HOT 2 will be held at the meeting venue and is a joint session communication 
    and simulator training with Mimic, 3D Systems and STAN Institute.
    Registration until 25 September 2017
    Early fee deadline: 15 June 2017
    More information:
    Scientific Programme:
    Registration fees:
    Or contact the EAUN by e-mail:

    Bruges, Belgium
  • Oct 2017
    Oct 2017

    Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National Univ. of Singapore

    RNA BIOLOGY has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern biology and translational medicine. Join us at this symposium which brings together internationally renowned experts in the field of RNA Biology, with the focus on: Non-classical RNAs, RNA Editing/ Modification, RNA splicing, RNA in disease and crosstalk between RNA classes and processes.
    Join us for the third meeting of this annual symposium and find out more about exciting discoveries made in the area of RNA Biology. 

    Keynote Speakers: Prof Andrew Fire (Stanford University) and Prof Lynne Maquat (University of Rochester)
    Singapore, Singapore
  • Oct 2017

    Royal College of Nursing

    Join the RCN Neuroscience Forum, Continence Forum and Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum for a workshop and find out what nurses need to know about appropriate bowel management for patients with neurogenic bowel dysfunction.

    Explore the challenges for patients with neurogenic bowel and hear the patient perspective. Learn about the issues relating to the causes of this condition, and how to provide the best management, interventions and support.

    • demonstrate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of defecation and pathophysiology of neurogenic bowel dysfunction.
    • assess a patient with neurogenic bowel dysfunction
    • explain a variety of interventions that may be used in managing neurogenic bowel dysfunction
    • practice digital rectal examination under the supervision of a competent practitioner
    • demonstrate understanding of the role of the nurse in performing digital rectal examination (DRE) and digital removal of faeces (DRF).
    London, United Kingdom
  • Oct 2017
    Oct 2017

    National Healthcare Group

    Organised by The National Healthcare Group (NHG), The Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC) is the Largest and Most Iconic Healthcare & Scientific Congress in Singapore. Over the years, it has firmly established itself as the leading Congress for the latest developments in healthcare! This year, with the restructuring of Singapore’s healthcare clusters, we are expecting close to 3,500 delegates from Singapore and the region including Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom.

    SHBC 2017 provides a comprehensive and unrivalled platform for Healthcare Community Professionals consisting of Doctors, Clinicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Specialists, Medical Industry Experts, Research Scientists, and Academics. Stakeholders meet, share and network with the common goal of providing the highest quality of healthcare to patients and the community through a bustling exchange of exciting ideas, experiences and best practices among speakers and delegates.

    Singapore, Singapore
  • Oct 2017
    Oct 2017

    MENA Conference

    Cancer as a disease is on the top of the health agenda of all the countries and Collective efforts, collaborations and joint forces worldwide are leading to huge developments in the areas of initial diagnosis and prevention.

    Despite global advancements, we continue to face the challenges of chronic diseases such as cancer, which according to the World Health Organization, is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In 2012, approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths were recorded globally. This reinforces the magnitude of the problem and calls for health care institutions to focus on research, multidisciplinary treatment of the disease and a need for sustained community outreach to raise awareness about the need for regular screening and leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Following the resounding success of the 4th edition of the International Oncology Conference 2016, this year's event offers a superb opportunity for medical, surgical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation therapists and other healthcare professionals in the Gulf and the Middle East region to attend expert updates and to share best practices and experiences to discuss the latest evidence and developments in the management and treatment of various cancer diseases including breast, colon, lung, gynecological, urological and pediatric cancers.

    The program will emphasize on the theme "Navigating cancer care by early detection and prevention" to highlight the importance of screening, early diagnosis and prevention of cancer leading to successful treatment outcomes. The conference will also scope issues and challenges in this critical field in order to raise awareness and consider ways towards better care for cancer patients.

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Oct 2017
    Nov 2017

    United European Gastroenterology (UEG)

    UEG, or United European Gastroenterology Week is an opportunity to present new research and thinking across a wide range of digestive disease areas, cutting-edge post-graduate teaching sessions, some of the best GI abstracts and posters and simultaneous live streams to a global audience and endoscopic, ultrasound and surgical hands-on training.
    The focus for the 25th UEG Week 2017 in Barcelona will be to advance science and link people in the global GI community.
    UEG's mission is to continuously improve standards of care in gastroenterology, and promote ever greater understanding of digestive and liver disease – among the public and medical experts alike.

    Barcelona, Spain
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    National Cancer Research Institute

    The NCRI Cancer Conference aims to:
    Provide a high profile platform where key stakeholders of cancer research come together to discuss, present and showcase high-quality research, across the research-spectrum.
    Highlight the importance of partnership in cancer research, foster collaboration, share knowledge, information and best practice.
    Inspire junior researchers and the next generation of researchers to get involved in cancer-related research.

    The NCRI Cancer Conference supports the NCRI Partnership to fulfil its goals to:
    Continuously improve the quality and relevance of research related to cancer.
    Ensure a coordinated portfolio of research related to cancer.
    Seize opportunities and address challenges in research related to cancer.
    Accelerate the translation of cancer-related research into practice.

    The Conference accepts abstract submissions and Sponsorship/Exhibition opportunities are also available. Contact us for more information.

    Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National Univ. of Singapore

    The Frontiers in Cancer Science (FCS) 2016, our 8th annual conference, is proudly and jointly organized by the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore), Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine), National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS).
    Serving as a platform to converge the latest cancer discoveries around the world, the meeting promises to bring groundbreaking and innovative insights to a diverse repertoire of cancer research. Learn from 30 of the foremost cancer experts as they share their newest findings and gain invaluable networking opportunities locally and internationally.
    Singapore, Singapore
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    American College of Nutrition

    Explore the shifting landscape of cancer care at the ACN’s 58th annual conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

    The science is clear: nutrition is the single most important determinant of health and a strong influencer of cancer expression. Emerging research indicates that cancer is not simply a binary hereditary disease, but a complex chronic condition occurring along a spectrum of immune and metabolic function with many factors impacting risk, onset and severity. The personalized nutrition paradigm is poised to disrupt both the narrative of cancer and the methodologies we employ in its treatment and prevention.

    Learn from innovative thought leaders, researchers and clinicians at the nexus of cancer and nutrition. Discover how nutrition intersects with current research in systems biology, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, and the microbiome to impact the trajectory of cancer. 

    Alexandria, United States


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