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Cancer Research UK International Symposium on Oesophageal Cancer

Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre

The symposium will bring together eminent researchers, clinicians, and academics from the world of oesophageal cancer research. With delegations from China, the UK, and the US, this event is an excellent opportunity to build new collaborations.
We look forward to welcoming all delegates to Oxford for this exciting new symposium.
Investigating oesophageal cancer presents unique opportunities for advances on two fronts: addressing the substantial unmet clinical needs of this disease; and uncovering molecular mechanisms with broad implications for our understanding of tumorigenesis.
The oesophagus provides an unusual yet accessible tumour context. Here, the squamous epithelium of the oesophagus meets the columnar epithelium of the stomach and oesophageal cancer is often preceded by epithelial cellular changes in an inflammatory condition called Barrett’s oesophagus. This setting thus presents a unique model for studies of the fundamental principles of interactions among different epithelial cell types, how signalling and differentiation are disrupted in cancer development and the influence of immune responses and inflammation on cell fate. Oesophageal cancer research is an ideal forum to bring together cell biologists, geneticists, immunologists and clinicians.
Jun 2015
Jun 2015

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Woodstock Road
United Kingdom

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Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building