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24th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR24)

ECCO - the European Cancer Organisation

EACR24: ‘From Basic Research to Precision Medicine’

The theme of the 24th EACR Congress is ‘From Basic Research to Precision Medicine’. Precision medicine is an emerging important concept in cancer research and treatment today, and the Congress will feature world-class speakers covering all of the most innovative current research topics.

The programme has been designed to meet the needs of researchers at all stages of their careers, and to allow participants to benefit from chances to interact, discuss and reflect on the information presented. As well as high-profile plenary sessions, the programme offers parallel symposia, allowing participants to build their own scientific programme according to their interests. It will also include workshops for early-career researchers, as well as the opportunity for participants to share their work through oral and poster presentations.

EACR24 offers:

  • Innovation: pushing the agenda to make precision medicine a reality
  • Focus: participants can create a tailor-made programme from the 3 parallel tracks covering 18 priority areas
  • Breadth: the EACR Congress is Europe’s largest dedicated conference on basic and translational research
  • Sharing: poster sessions and proffered papers to allow researchers at all levels to share their results and discoveries
  • Networking: excellent opportunities to meet new contacts and develop new collaborations

Why you should participate

EACR24 will:

  • Bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers working on the latest and most exciting discoveries in cancer research
  • Provide a unique forum for the worldwide cancer research community to discover, interact, and collaborate
  • Present the latest achievements of multidisciplinary research dealing with basic and translational research through to precision medicine
  • Highlight the remaining key challenges that require further research, discovery and collaboration in order to be solved

Specific learning objectives:

  • Translating research into improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for cancer research
  • This Congress aids basic researchers, physicians, and clinician-scientists in obtaining, integrating and synthesising the most cutting-edge research by bridging the gap between what physicians understand about cancer biology and the clinical applications
  • Accelerating the dissemination of new research findings amongst scientists and others dedicated to winning the war against cancer
  • Identify technological advances and tools to accelerate progress in cancer research, improve early detection and intervention, with the ultimate goal of extending patients’ lives and improving their quality of life


Jul 2016
Jul 2016

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M2 3GX
United Kingdom

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Manchester Central Convention Complex