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  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    CIC biomaGUNE


    Don’t miss our second International Workshop in Molecular Imaging on November 20th-23rd 2017


    The workshop attracts world experts in the fields of Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Imaging, and Radiochemistry/Radiopharmacy. The 3.5-day event covers the most recent advances in the broad field of preclinical and clinical molecular imaging. Keynote lectures will be complemented with poster sessions and flash presentations to promote fruitful interactions between world leaders and young emerging scientists. Coffee breaks and social events will enable informal discussions between invited speakers and all participants in a friendly environment in the beautiful city of San Sebastian.



    You can now submit your abstract!


    Present your scientific findings as an oral presentation or a poster.

    Deadline: September 15th

    Bursary awards available for young researchers!

    For more information visit the website:

    San Sebastián, Spain
  • Nov 2017

    The Economist Events

    War on Cancer London 2017 will bring together providers, industry representatives, employers and policymakers for a patient-led discussion.

    In the two years since the launch of our War on Cancer series, our discussions have taken us to a place of cautious optimism about the future. We have explored how advances in diagnostics, therapy and information technology hold the potential to transform the outlook for people living with cancer.

    This year we'll continue the conversation with a renewed emphasis on patient experience across the continuum.

    Standard Rate: GBP 1195
    Non-profit / Medical Practitioner / Government & Policy / Public Sector / Academic / Cancer Networks Rate: GBP 836.50
    The Economist Subscriber Rate: GBP 716

    Speakers: Lieve Wiernick - Member-European Parliament, Neil Bacon - Founder and chief executive-iWantGreatCare, Suzanne Wait - Managing director-The Health Policy Partnership, Francesco De Lorenzo - President-European Cancer Patient Coalition, Matti Aapro - Board member-ECCO - The European CanCer Organisation - European School of Oncology, Ricardo Baptista Leite - Member of Parliament - Portugal and head of public health-Cat�lica University of Portugal

    London, United Kingdom
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    Graviton International

    Biosimilars Europe 2017, conference offers a rare opportunity to its participants to understand and learn from top experts in the biosimilars field and to share experiences. The conference will also provide a platform to discuss the current vital issues, regulatory issues, market assessment and commercialization and globalization.

      The conference will bring together industry experts to explore the strategies to gain insight into new biosimilar development strategies, different characterization and analysis methods, clinical advancement and successful case studies.

      *Key Themes*
       * Current status of Biosimliars market
       * Monoclonal antibody Biosimilars
       * Challenges faced when moving towards globalization
       * Opportunities in emerging markets
       * IP issues, naming and labeling issues related to biosimilars
       * Partnership, new investment and business models
       * Challenges and opportunities for biobetters and monoclonal antibody biosimilars
       * Clinical trials strategies and new guidelines for biosimilar clinical trials
       * Benefits and concerns of interchangeable and biosubstitutes and post authorization monitoring
       * Bringing biosimilars closer to patients and healthcare professionals
       * New solutions to demonstrate similarity and different characterization methods

    LONDON, United Kingdom
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    Paediatric Haematology-Oncology Chapter of IAP

    Over the past two decades, the Paediatric Haematology-Oncology Chapter of IAP has been at the forefront of academic activity among Paediatricians in India. We are pleased to host the 21st Annual Conference of PHO in Kolkata from November 24-26, 2017. This conference returns to Eastern India after 17 years.

    We are delighted to present experts from across the globe who will discuss cutting edge advances in the treatment of childhood cancers and haematological disorders. The focus will be on interaction and exchange of ideas that will enable best possible care for these children. The conference aims to bring together over 500 professionals, including doctors, nurses, parents and psycho-social counsellors from various parts of the country.

    The medical fraternity will include Paediatric Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Clinical Haematologists, Paediatricians, Paediatric Surgeons, Radiation Oncologists, Pathologists, Basic Scientists, students and trainees. The Faculty will include distinguished national and international experts in the field.

    kolkata, India
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    med udpate europe/wikonect

    This exceptional teaching concept provides a complete update of all recent international publications in order that you can improve patient care and stay up-to-date on the latest therapies and treatments.

    The most relevant clinical papers of the last year will be reviewed and put into perspective. Furthermore today's burning issues will be addressed by leading experts in their fields.

    The scientific committee has put together an attractive scientific program. The faculty is coming from all over Europe and will bring their expertise and knowledge to this congress. All important fields of oncology will be covered during two intense and exciting days. Both clinicians and practitioners will profit immensely from the lectures, and will improve their clinical and practical knowledge as well as the quality of their daily work. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, exchanging experiences and information on current trends and future directions in oncology.

    120 53 Prague 2, Czech Republic
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    Transplantation Society of the Philippines

    MABUHAY - is the ubiquitous Tagalog greeting meaning "long life", "good health", "best wishes" and "welcome". With our heartfelt "Mabuhay", we welcome everyone to the 15th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation on November 27-30, 2017 set in majestic Cebu, Philippines.

    CAST is the definitive biennial transplant congress for Asia. Coming from a very successful CAST 2015 held in Singapore which was attended by more than a thousand participants stretching from Asia to Africa, CAST 2017 will uphold the exceptional quality and comprehensive coverage of transplant topics, issues and controversies that have been the hallmark of our past congresses. Banking on the exceptional line up of speakers both from our beloved Asian counterparts as well as contributions from experts in the US and in Europe, we will tackle the most burning issues and questions on organ and tissue donation and transplantation. We will also highlight its ethical and legal aspects with special emphasis on how transplantation and donation is practiced in Asia.

    For CAST 2017, we will also allocate a significant number of sessions for Asian research and innovations in transplantation. These will be moderated and chaired by world-renowned transplant experts. With this, we hope to attract all transplant professionals - physicians and surgeons, as well as pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, nutrition and rehabilitation specialists, clinical and donation coordinators and equally important, all basic science and clinical transplant researchers.

    Cebu is a historic city in the Central Visayan region. Mactan Island is where Ferdinand Magellan first landed in 1521 from his historic world-encircling journey from Spain and was immediately enthralled by its natural beauty.

    The city is now a combination of modern five-star amenities set amidst kilometers long white sand beaches, coral laden reefs and wading waters for the gentle "butanding" or whale shark. The city itself is complete with all the attractions of a busy and bustling metropolis. The Cebu nightlife is not to be missed and will certainly be a welcome respite from our day-long meetings and educational activities. Add to these, the exquisite local Visayan cuisine topped by our world-renowned Filipino hospitality.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Cebu - our beach destination capital! We promise a memorable congress of learning, networking, forging of new friendships and renewal of old ones as well as an opportunity for rest and recreation to re-energize and re-boot before heading back to your daily grind.

    CEBU CITY, Philippines
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    Healthcare Education Services

    A comprehensive overview of the planning and implementation of oncology clinical trials, focusing on Phase III. The course will demonstrate how oncology trials differ in design and conduct from those in other therapy areas. Delegates can learn to design trials to minimise the deficiencies that lead to inappropriate interpretation whilst maximising the competitive advantage. This is face-to-face training. Delegates will learn direct the perspective of currently practicing oncologists with extensive experience of industry clinical trials as well as professionals who will discuss oncology clinical trial statistics and oncology product market entry.

    Topics include:
    • Why Are Cancer Trials Different?
    • Introduction to oncology clinical trial design 
    • Translational Studies in Phase III Trials
    • Designing Clinical Trials to Impact on Clinical Practice 
    • Statistical analysis and reporting of clinical trials
    • Quality of life assessment
    • Other Methods Used for Statistics in Clinical Trials
    • Planning for Market Access
    London, United Kingdom
  • Nov 2017

    Baptist Health South Florida

    The Neuroscience Nursing Symposium offers a broad curriculum focusing on state-of-the-art evidence-based practices for nursing and other healthcare professionals who treat and care for neuroscience patients. The program will address the treatment and nursing care of the neuroscience patient from the emergency department through rehabilitation. The expert faculty will educate the audience about nursing issues related to neurological complications, hypothermia, stroke, epilepsy, rehabilitation and pharmacologic management of neuroscience patients. The goal of the program is to share the most innovative and evidenced-based clinical practices that have been implemented and are available to optimize patient outcomes throughout all areas of neuroscience.

    Coral Gables, United States
  • Dec 2017

    Baptist Health South Florida

    State-of-the-art neuro-oncology imaging and management will be the focus of the inaugural Miami Brain Symposium. During this one-day symposium expert faculty will engage participants through complex cases, novel treatment strategies and lively panel discussions.

    Upon completion of this symposium, participants should be better able to:

    • Assess clinical decision making regarding the use of chemotherapy, targeted agents and immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of brain tumors.
    • Interpret recent clinical data on experimental agents under evaluation for gliomas and other brain tumors.
    • Recognize the role of whole-brain radiation therapy versus stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of brain metastases.
    • Examine the rationale for proton therapy in brain tumor patients as well as appropriate patient selection.
    • Explain the role of and indications for novel treatment strategies including tumor-treating fields, laser interstitial thermal therapy and tumor vaccines for the treatment of brain tumors.
    • Discuss the benefits and applications of contemporary surgical techniques for brain tumors.
    • Recognize essential imaging modalities including imaging advances for CNS tumors.
    • Cite current clinical trial options for patients with brain tumors.

    Coral Gables, United States
  • Dec 2017

    Connect2 CME Ltd

    Hepatology in Asia 2017 will be highly interactive, with scientific exchange between attendees and expert presenters around the current challenges faced by clinicians in the management of both HBV and HCV in Asia. The latest scientific developments and the impact of these on patient care will be discussed.

    Programme key topics:

    • Improving long-term outcomes for patients with HBV and HCV
    • Understanding why some HCV patients fail to achieve SVR
    • How opportunities for cure can be extended to more patients with viral hepatitis across Asia
    • Case-based challenges in HBV and HCV

    HPIA 2017 will be delivered by an expert faculty through keynote lectures, interactive case-based workshops and a fireside panel discussion.

    The meeting is aimed at practising hepatologists, gastroenterologists and infectious disease specialists managing patients with chronic hepatitis B/C in Asia. CME accreditation from EACCME is anticipated; confirmation of credits is pending.

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


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