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  • Jul 2017
    Jul 2017


    Neo Synth presents the Annual Precision: Lung Cancer World Summit taking place on July 25-26 2017 in Boston, USA

    Over the two days, this exclusive summit will bring together will bring together senior scientists and business leaders from pharma, biotech and academia, using extensive networking sessions to forge meaningful collaborations.

    Lung cancer R&D is experiencing rapid growth, representing an enormous opportunity for drug developers, with a recent 22% rise in new candidates.

    The summit will cover the latest updates from the pipelines of small and large drug developers, and feature discussions around the latest trends in precision medicine through case studies from early discovery to development.

    Speaker Organizations Include: Merck, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Novartis, Takeda etc. 

    Topics Include:  Immuno-Oncology, Biomarkers / Companion Diagnostics, Liquid Biopsy, etc.

    Boston, United States
  • Jul 2017
    Aug 2017


    The focus of the GI Tract, Mucosa, Microbiota, and Beyond” conference will serve as an important venue for sharing the most current scientific discoveries in GI research and for establishing new collaborations between topic areas.

    This meeting will span the entire range of investigation in gastroenterology, from molecules to cellular interactions to microbiota to intact organisms. There will be a focus on comparing and contrasting normal biology/physiology with disease pathophysiology and on providing a clinical context for basic research observations. Eight thematic sessions have been organized to encompass rapidly developing areas in GI research: a) Monitoring and Responding to the Microbiota, b) Mucosal Injury and Restitution, c) Microbiota-Host Crosstalk, d) Signaling Mechanisms Coordinating Gastrointestinal Homeostasis and Response to Inflammation, e) The Stem Cell Niche, Inflammation, and Cancer, f) Transport and Barrier, g) Host-Pathogen Interactions, and h) Novel Approaches to GI Biology. The format is designed to facilitate the rapid translation of basic biology discoveries into new medically relevant approaches to human disease.

    In addition to the platform talks from established investigators and early-career rising stars, a number of abstracts from trainees and young investigators will be selected for short talk presentations, and two poster and two oral presentation sessions of rapid-fire “ePoster” presentations will be held to maximize the number of investigators given exposure. This conference will not only provide a strong overview of cutting edge GI research but also provide a critical venue for trainees and early career investigators to showcase their work.

    Alongside the scientific sessions, the meeting will have several important career development components. “Meet-the-expert” breakfast mentoring sessions will provide small-group mentoring opportunities for junior investigators. Workshops on grant-writing and publishing featuring NIH staff, editors of major GI journals, and experienced investigators in the field are planned, adding a rich component of mentoring and development for junior trainees at the meeting.

    This conference will facilitate face-to-face interaction between investigators in multiple aspects of GI biology and disease. It will bring young researchers into contact with established investigators who can contribute to their mentoring and career development driving new collaborations and promote synergy in the field.

    Steamboat Springs, United States
  • Aug 2017
    Aug 2017

    American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine/ Metabolic Medical Institute

    This module focuses on inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer & the gut-immune-brain connection. Cellular & molecular biology of immunity, the cellular stress response, oxidation, genetic damage, inflammation, etiology of disease including environmental & lifestyle factors & the risk for cancer development are reviewed. Clinical approaches to patient evaluations, testing & disease management are provided.

    Learning Objectives

    Compare integrative oncology protocols and immune nutritional support techniques

    Review the role of heavy metals, genes, environment, and biotoxic exposures in autoimmunity

    Discuss gastrointestinal manifestations of autoimmune disease

    Describe the important interactions of the endocrine system with immunity

    Recognize the intracellular signaling pathways, cellular biology, and molecular biology of immunity and inflammation

    Identify the micronutrient insufficiencies that lead to DNA and mitochondrial damage

    Las Vegas, United States
  • Aug 2017
    Aug 2017

    Lung Cancer Consortium Singapore

    On behalf of the Lung Cancer Consortium Singapore and the Local Organizing Committee, we are delighted to invite you to join us in the 3rd Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference (MLCC 2017), Singapore.

    This year’s theme “Improving Patient Care through Collaboration” aims to highlight how major scientific discoveries and technology developments are rapidly transitioning to the clinic and keep participants informed of the latest updates in the preclinical and clinical aspects of the ever-evolving field. Building on the success of the previous conferences, international and national speakers will gather to discuss the science and advances in the treatment and prevention as well as the multidisciplinary management of lung cancer and thoracic malignancies.

    Key topics of MLCC 2017 include:

    - Lung cancer screening

    - Cancer genomics

    - Novel diagnostics and therapeutics including immunotherapy

    Speaker Highlights:

    Keith KERR (Scotland)

    Felix HERTH (Germany)

    James YANG (Taiwan)

    Helmut POPPER (Austria)

    Peter MAZZONE (USA)

    Takashi SETO (Japan)

    Tetsuya MITSUDOMI (Japan)

    Tony MOK (Hong Kong)


    Who should attend: Physicians, scientists, healthcare professionals and researchers in the lung cancer field and anyone interested in thoracic oncology.

    Abstract Topics

    Topics are welcome from any discipline involved in the care and study of lung including but not limited to:

    • Pathogenesis of lung cancer
    • Diagnostic techniques in lung cancer
    • Lung cancer genomics and other high throughput “omics” studies
    • Biomarkers
    • Novel therapeutics and clinical trials
    • Supportive care
    • Cancer prevention
    • Lung cancer screening
    • Health economics
    • Tobacco control
    • In vitro and in vivo models
    • Current Therapeutics
    • Immunotherapy

    Singapore, Singapore
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017


    This three and a half day event on “Global perspectives in esophageal diseases” aims to make an in-  depth dissection of the topic and will, at the end, provide an updated statement at the highest level involving the basic sciences as well as clinical and therapeutic advances.
    It will offer an exhaustive access to Esophagology, from Mechano-Physiology to Genetics, with a logical appraisal of the treatments available today, or those in development for tomorrow in malignant, as well as benign or functional esophageal diseases

    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017


    “Integrating science into oncology for a better patient outcome.” In an era of deep understanding of the molecular biology underlying the development of cancer, it is crucial that researchers and clinicians exchange knowledge.

    The ESMO 2017 Congress, in partnership with EACR, will bring oncology professionals together to facilitate interaction and bridge knowledge sharing between the laboratory and clinic. The aim of ESMO 2017 is to work together, aligning the objectives of researchers and clinicians, in order to provide more precise direction leading to better treatment options for cancer patients.

    The ESMO Congress is the most influential annual meeting for oncology professionals in Europe. We invite you to save the date.

    Madrid, Spain
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017

    Prof. Dr. Nazım Şekeroğlu

    The First Japan-Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences was organized by Kumamoto University, Kumamoto – Japan on October 2-3, 2016. This scientific organization was the first meeting of Turkish and Japanese scientists on our international collaboration and projects. In this meeting, more than twenty scientific works were presented orally or as posters. Participants of the first meeting were from Turkey, Japan, Nepal, China, Egypt, Iraq and Sudan.  

    After this successful meeting, organizing committee members from both sides, Turkish and Japanese scientists, decided to continue this valuable and fruitful scientific collaboration. Thus, “The Second Japan-Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, JATUSPAB-2” have been decided to be organized in Trabzon, Turkey during September 11-12, 2017.

    Although the title of the symposium covers Japan and Turkey, all scientists worldwide from all disciplines especially studying “Pharmaceutical and Biomedical”  are kindly invited to participate this valuable scientific meeting with unique social activities in Trabzon province of Turkey, where the green and blue meet.


    • Agricultural Practices of MAPs
    • AIDS/HIV Research
    • Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
    • Aromatherapy & Phytoteraphy & Phytochemistry
    • Biology & Biochemistry & Biotechnology
    • Biodiversity
    • Biosensors and Bioelectronics
    • Botany & Ethnobotany & Ethnopharmacology
    • Conservation, Management and Sustainable Uses of MAPs & NWFPs
    • Design and Discovery of Novel Biologically Active Compounds
    • Drug Delivery System
    • Essential Oils & Secondary Plant Metabolites
    • Herbal & Traditional Medicines
    • Industrial Processing Technologies of MAPs
    • Legislations on MAPs & NWFPs
    • Literature on MAPS
    • Marketing of MAPs and Products
    • Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry  
    • Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
    • Molecular Modeling and Simulations
    • Natural Cosmetics
    • Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organizations (NGO & NPO) on MAP
    • Photodynamic Therapy
    • Retroviruses
    • Standardization and Quality of MAP Products
    • Traditional & Modern Herbal Products
    • Pharmacognosy
    • Phytopharmacology & Toxicology
    • Structural Biology 
    Trabzon, Turkey
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017

    Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University

    Diet and Optimum Health 2017 focuses on innovative approaches to improving health. An emphasis will be placed on novel applications of dietary components in maintaining health or treating disease. The conference features an all-day session on vitamin C.

    For most sessions, the target audience is scientists and health professionals in biochemistry, nutrition, preventive medicine, public health, endocrinology, cardiology, oncology, and gerontology. However, a public session will be held on September 16 with experts from the conference.                    

    Corvallis, United States
  • Sep 2017

    RSM Professionals

    This meeting will review the current and best practice in diagnosing and managing breast cancer.
    At the end of this conference, delegates will:
    - Understand the importance of breast screening programmes
    - Understand the various perspectives and contributions of the specialists involved in care
    - Know about the range of current drugs used for treating metastatic breast cancer
    - Know about the surgical approach to metastatic breast cancer
    - Know about the survival rates associated to metastatic breast cancer
    - Understand the impact of life after breast cancer 
    This conference is aimed at a multidisciplinary audience including primary care, breast specialists in oncology, surgery, plastic surgery, radiology and genetics as well as patients who have had breast cancer.
    London, United Kingdom
  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017

    British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL)

    BASL2017 Annual Meeting is the leading Liver meeting in the UK bringing together clinicians, nurses, scientists and those interested in liver disease.

    This year, the main meeting opens the Wednesday with a day devoted to cellular senescence. The second day has two streams: first, the interaction between the Liver and the Gut and second, the named lectures. These include the Ralph Wright Lecture (Professor John O’Grady) the British Liver Trust Lecture (Dr. Mary Ramsay), the inaugural Alex Mowat Lecture (Dr. Sue Beath) and the annual Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize Lecture. In the final morning we will follow the model from 2016 with a series of case-based discussions led by recognised experts in the field before a lunchtime departure.

    Other events during the week include:

    British Liver Transplant Group (BLTG) Transplant Meeting: Tuesday 19th – Wednesday 20th September.
    As an affiliate of BASL, the BTLG has built on the role of the UK and Ireland Annual Meeting and will integrate the meetings previously organised by each individual transplant centre to offer a central stage for those operating in or with a strong interest in the field of liver transplantation.

    This year’s meeting will be attended by both eminent UK and international speakers, including Professor Geoff McCaughan University of Sydney, Australia, and Professor Peter Friend who will deliver the distinguished Williams-Calne lecture.

    BASL Nurse Forum Annual Meeting: Thursday 21st September
    The liver nurses hold their Annual Meeting in parallel on the Thursday and this year this has especial importance as it will be celebrating the launch of the newly formed British Liver Nurses Association following a merger of the BLNF & the BASLNF. This day promises to deliver exciting and inspiring sessions for all nurses working within Hepatology, with the programme including a wide range of topics relating to liver disease and its associated issues and challenges.

    For information and registration links at 

    Coventry, United Kingdom


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